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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Character Enneagram

What is it good for anyways?

The enneagram symbol can have many kinds of uses, but in this case we discuss "character enneagram" which is the best map to identify what is NOT you. This dynamic system is the ultimate destroyer of false identifications. Don't you want to know your real self? There is only one way to know it and it's a journey inwards, removing blocks, walls, the false identifications.


There are nine points connected to each other. The base is the triangle, these are the core points of anger, love and fear. All points build up their false identifications based on the "core problem" of the given points. As an example, the character thee has problem with love - he/she did not learn what love is in childhood and started to think that if he/she is successful people will love them. That's why they are called also "image types".

There is movement between characters. Of course it does not mean that someone's character change, but uses some properties of the other in different situations. See the dynamic picture on the main page to figure out where characters moves in positiv situations and where or when do they move negatively.

As someone gets older the character wings and sub-types also get into the picture. That will be describen later.