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Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License

Character Enneagram

Rebel side (5,6,7,8) Conformist side (1,2,3,4) 6. Hero/Father Core fear point On higher octave, a good problem solver and good ideal. On lower octave, paranoid and stabbing style attacks. Motto: "What if ... ?" Recongizable for the quick acting in danger situations and too much thinking. In year 2016, nearly everyone has a character of six due to the last centuries and true idol/father losses. + → Truly chills and rests. + → - → Becomes successful and efficient. - → 7. Magical child External fear point On higher octave, funny humour characterizes. On lower octave, uses humour to run from feelings. Motto can be any really funny joke. Character seven has the most powerful attachment to his/her childhood. They don't want to become adults because their childhood was much better. Recognizable of the non-stop humour and they like everything interesting (eg. travelling). + → Becomes silent and chilled. + → - → Angrily punishes others. - → 8. Warrior External anger point On higher octave, the protector of the weak and truth. On lower octave, they are tyrant like. Motto: "The boss is always right." They didn't get consistend parenting in their childhood and got physically hurt often. Because of that they decided rules don't apply to them. They are physically big. They are confident. All this is to hide their harmed true child-self. + → Start helping others + → - → Retreats and becomes silent. - → 3. Magician of Success Core image point On higher octave, experiences true love and tells truth. On lower octave, plays a lot of tricks and lies. Motto: "Everything for success!" They are recognizable for being the super girls and super boys, the successfuls. They have a typical cheeky smile. In reality, they want to get love that they never got in in their childhood. They try to get it by being successful. ← + Starts thinking more about others, a bit like 6 ← + ← - Gets paralysed and suffers from inability. ← - 4. Individualist Artist Inner Image point On higher octave, they experience their being and becomes happy. On lower octave, feels lost, sad and causes drama. Motto: "Why did we let this happen?" Recognizable from their sad face and melancholy which is always present. This also makes them have an individualistic style. They are the natural "drama queens" or "drama kings". + → Becomes open to the world and rampages a bit. + → - → Starts looking after others. - → 5. Mystical Philospher Inner fear point On higher octave, the master of knowledge. On lower octave, collects and attaches to these too much. Motto: "The black hole is a non-existent celestial body." They are the masters of unconscious hiding, somethimes not recognized after social events at all, nobody remembering. them. They like collecting things and know everything. They think if they know engouh, they don't have to fear. ← + Becomes loud. ← + ← - Starts joking and travelling. ← - 2. Goddess External image point On higher octave, their help is wholehearted. On lower octave, their help is not honest. Motto: "Do you like Italian food?" (Sophia Loren) They like to take care of others, but often do it receive love. They think if they help other they will be loved, even if this help is not honest. They use the power of adult and serious woman. ← + Takes care of her/himself more. ← + ← - Becomes angry and takes revenge. ← - 1. Ruler Inner anger point On higher octave, the elder, a traditional teacher. On lower octave, interrogates and makes others feel wrong. Motto: "Everyone must keep the rules." Recognizable for their authoritative looking (eyes) and their discipline. They are the most disciplined of all characters. They very rarely look nervous. In their childhood they got strict and physically too powerful parenting. ← + Starts joking and becomes happy. ← + ← - Becomes sad in a refined way. ← - 9. Saint Core anger point On higher octave, they are great peace makers. On lower octave, they are too passive, deciding hardly. Motto: "We can only be winners and loser together." Recognizable for their big body and it looks like they lack of anger. They don't like to be angry and only do it if they forget to stop it. They like long stories. If they are lazy they do it because of the anger (passive agression). ← - Starts thinking paranoidly. ← - + → Start showing up successes. + →